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Employee Manual - download this file to your computer and then customize your employee manual by highlighting the changeable fields and entering information specific to your farm.

El Manual Para Empleados - download this file to your computer and then customize your employee manual by highlighting the changeable fields and entering information specific to your farm.

Employer Deductions

I-9 | Instructions and I-9 form in English. Employees must fill out English I-9 form. (07/17/17)

Final Paychecks
Minimum Wage And Overtime In Agriculture
2018 Oregon Minimum Wage
2018 Oregon Minimum Wage (Spanish)
Minors in Agriculture
Employment of  Minors in Agriculture
2016 Employment of Minors Brochure
New Hiring FAQ Sheet
New Hire Reporting Form
Rest and Meal Periods
Seasonal Worker Orientation Guidelines
Sick Time Notification (Spanish) 
Sick Time Notification (English) 
Technical Assistance for Employers Oregon Sick Time
Template for Quarterly Notice of Sick Time Accrual
W-4 | 2018


Guide to Farm Trucking in Oregon
(of special interest MAP-21 Safety Exemptions page 15)


Housing for Seasonal Workers
Labor Housing Inspection Checklist
Labor Housing Memo (revised January 10, 2014)

Oregon OSHA

ATV Fact Sheet
Bloodborne Pathogens
Chemical Storage Fact Sheet
Consultation Services
Eyewash Fact Sheet
Field Sanitation Fact Sheet
Field Sanitation Notice
First Aid
Form 300
Hazard Communication in Agriculture GHS Training Requirements 
Hazard Communication Plan Training Form
Hazard Communication Program Checklist
Hazard Communication Standard - 2014
Hazard Communication Written Program
Heat Safety (English only)
Heat Safety Card (English & Spanish)
Liquefied Petroleum Gas
Notice to Employee Regarding Hardship Exception Under Sick Time Law
Personal Protection Equipment Checklist
Personal Protective Equipment Requirements for Ag Fact Sheet
Pesticide Use and your Personal Protective Equipment
Pesticides and the Worker Protection Standard Reference Guide  

2016 Federal Worker Protection Standard (WSP) Training Resources

Revised Worker Protection Standard Compliance Requirements January 2017
Summary of Revisions - 2015
Worker Protection Standard Comparison Chart (English)
Worker Protection Standard Comparison Chart (Spanish)
Comparison of Major Requirements in Existing, Proposed and Final WSP Regulation
Worker Protection Standard  FAQ
Worker Protection Standard Overview Presentation 
Worker Protection Standard Revisions for Organic Farms/Growers Presentation
Worker Protection Standard Training Verification Card
Application Exclusion Zone (AEZ) Fact Sheet
Application Exclusion Zone (AEZ) Protection Presentation
Pesticide Safety for Agriculture Workers-English (Video - 18:28 minutes)
Pesticide Safety for Agriculture Workers-Spanish (Video - 21:46 minutes)
Fit Testing Procedures
Respirator Inspection Checklist 
Fit Test Record
Respirator Medical Evaluation Questionnaire (English)
Respirator Medical Evaluation Questionnaire (Spanish)

Posting Requirements

2016 OSHA Poster for 12 in 1 Poster
Central Posting Requirements
OSHA-Required Postings & Signs in Division 4/Agriculture
Recording and posting work-related incidents
Recordkeeping Checklist
Respirator Medical Evaluation - English
Respirator Medical Evaluation - Spanish
Respiratory Protection Fact Sheet - Spanish
Respiratory Protection Fact Sheet - English
Respiratory Protection Program With Fill In Document
Respiratory Protection Guide
Safety Committee
Safety Orientation for Seasonal Workers Fact Sheet
Washing clothing while applying pesticides

Federal Regulations

Worker Information Terms & Conditions of Employment - MSPA - English
Worker Information Terms & Conditions of Employment - MSPA - Spanish
Worker Information Form - MSPA Spanish
MSPA Fact Sheet - English
MSPA Fact Sheet - Spanish
MSPA Housing Terms
MSPA Transportation Information
USDOT Regulations

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